Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Elysium star Sharlto Copley says Angelina Jolie is ideal for the part in Maleficent

Elysium star Sharlto Copley thinks Angelina Jolie is the ideal individual to go about as the devilish Queen in Disney's Maleficent.

He said, "I suppose the part of Maleficent is so consummately suited to her." "She has this unbelievable extent that individuals disregard on the grounds that she has come to be such a symbol in our social order with her screen look."

"Angie's playing a character that has these multifaceted layers, that might be exceptionally hard and quite steely on the outside, however with a true heart underneath."

"I suppose its set to be an exceptionally intriguing execution from her."

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