Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun facts about Angelina Jolie

They are some fun facts about Angelina Jolie you may be not aware of.
Of course this post is not a decrease of the value of Angelina Jolie
The post is answers of some questions.

who did Angelina marry after she divorced Johny Lee Miler ?
Bily Bob Thomton

Angelina Jolie is a lefty ?

Angelina has Letter "H" tattooed on the inside of her arm (nearleft wrisit). what does it stand for ?
Haven. Haven is for James Haven Voight, her director brother. She got this tatto while dating Timothy Hutton, but she has said it represents her brother.

Angelina co-starred with Denzel Washington in the _____" ?
The Bone Collector. Angelina played ine 'The Bone Collector' in 1999.

Who is Angelina's father ?
Jon Voight. Angelina's mother is Macheline Bertrand. Jon was in 'Mission: Impossible', and 'Tomb Raider'.

What color did Angelina wear to the 2001 Oscars ?
White. Angelina wore a low v-cut white shirt, with white pants, and white boots. Go Angelina woooo!

What was Angelina's character in "Girln Interrupted" ?

What is Angelina's birth name ?
Angelina Jolie Voight.

Angelina once has a tattoo for her former husband, Billy Bob Thornton ?

In which movie does Angelina play an extravagant, self-involved, successful blond ?
Life or something like it. he plays a reporter who is told she has a few days to live.

When is Angelina's birthday ?
June 4,1975. Angelina was born June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, Carlifonia!

From which country did Angelina adopt her first child, and what is that child's name ?
Cambodia, Maddox. She won custody after divorcing Billy Bob.

In which year did Angelina Jolie win her first Academy Award ?
2000. She won it for her outstanding performance in "Girl, Interrupted" (1999). she played a sociopath called Lisa Rowe.

Why did Angelina changed her name by dropping her surname ?
Because she didn't want to be compared to her father, Her complate name is Angelina Jolie Voight.

Who was Angelina's inspiration actress ?
Gena Rowlands. Angelina got a chance to act in a movie with Gena when they did the 1998 movie "Playing by Heart" and again when they did the 2004 movie "Taking Lives" .

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